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Services Overview

The Strategic Technology plan is divided into 3 main phases, Strategic Drivers, Technology Solutions, and Enabling Infrastructure.

Technology Risk Management
DataWarehouse secured data, Cloud BI security and Mobile BI security methods


Looking for Social BI solutions? Mobile up to date BI solutions? Well, you are in the right place. Our team has the right ideas.              

SharePoint BI
If You have one portal, you should start make plans to collaborate it all to one BI stop shop.

Hardware architecture assessment. If you really suffer from slowly ness and you need to analyze it and head to the future. 

Technology Mentoring is what we do best. We have the knowledge to take your organization to the right place and let you run it..

Main Services


Microsoft BI

Our team is highly Microsoft BI experience team. We all know SQL2012 well and were the first to implement it in Production in Israel.


ETL were ETL is

Etl is not just Etl, What about the complete DATA HUB in your organization? Web services, external connection, complete department synchronization.


Internet Of Things

To connect devices, machines, sensors, and some other "Things" come to learn and practice from the expoerts at SolidBI. 


Big Data

To implement BIG DATA you need BIG EXPERIENCE! Well, we have that experience. So you can stay peaceful while we do it for you.