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We offer our customers the deepest expertise designing, implementing, and supporting all BI solutions.


SolidBI team have the capability of mentoring your organization: for technology roadmap and constant improvement. 


With a comprehensive set of consulting solutions, SolidBI Services has the knowledge and experience to deliver real value to your business.

Welcome to Our Company!

At SolidBI, we are particularly focused on helping companies analyze information they already collect in order to improve decision making and leverage their employees’ collective wisdom.

Today, SolidBI is helping clients identify and exploit opportunities to enhance their business performance, formulate their strategic vision, and figure out how technology can help them get there.

SolidBI specializes in Knowledge Management and Business Performance Systems with Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Data Mining; Project Management; business process improvement using ongoing learning best practiced and methodologies for the service industry, business process activity monitoring and automation using Business Process Management (BPM) technology; Corporate Information Strategy and Assessments.


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